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1 year ago

Wigs hairdresser

New Daily News (Reporter Zhao Yongjuan) The very fact that last year, driven by a friend to buy a stylish wig, spent 2,000 yuan. This spring may be a chance to wear, but the feeling is not so beautiful. Recently, she went to the counter to see a lot of wig new, can not help heart, not willing to be a wig at home idle. And after sales staff learn about her joy, there is now a wig stylist, old virgin human hair do not like can be secondary modeling.


1 year ago

Rebellious spirit

Vivienne Westwood's spring and summer 2012 show floor, to see such a weird haircut hyperbole is normal. The most interesting is that it matches my hair stylist at the junction made a very straightforward perception: the whole tail section of hair is extremely old, and the head of Brazilian virgin hair, either from the shape or color, or even from clean degree who are completely out of touch, so the two extreme opposites Funny, rebellious spirit of non-traditional brand which is always followed!

1 year ago

Eye-catching "peanut head"

Good one eye-catching "peanut head"! Why I do not know which of the filler? Models wore such a huge wig is feeling heavy? All kinds of speculation on all the discussion, are considered a derivative product of fashion week, because it provides us with a respect of fashion fantasy and fun!

Brain withstand the high hair

Obviously, the model of the girl at the back of the head against the high hair, completely out of artificial hands. Concrete steps may be as follows: fake hair and then calculate the required length and width after the curtain will be prepared and issued ring sewn hair, then the hair with the hair curtain ring rolled, after spend a small hairpin fixed, or spray styling hair spray. Finally then received fake hair on real Front lace wigs, so you as shown, you're done.